Developing an Armenian research evaluation system based on a bibliometric approach

According to the results of the Armenian-Italian call, held jointly by the National Research Council of the Italian Republic and the Science Committee of the MESCS, funding for 8 topics was guaranteed. Among them is the proposal of the Center for Scientific Information Analysis and Monitoring. It was jointly presented by the head of the Center, Ph.D. Shushanik Sargsyan and Professor Giovanni Abramo, Director of the Institute for System Analysis and Computer Science. (Rome, Italy). Within the framework of the project “Developing an Armenian research evaluation system based on a bibliometric approach”, it is planned to study the method for assessing the effectiveness of scientific personnel, developed by J. Abramo and his colleagues. After that, it will be localized taking into account the peculiarities of the Armenian scientific community, after which the pilot application stage will follow.
Professor Abramo is one of the leading researchers in the field of scientometrics. Cooperation with him and his team will become a new impetus both for the professional growth of the Center's employees and for the further development of scientometrics in Armenia.

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